From July 2017

Island Fibers on Lopez Island

I realized when I wrote my post on spinning that I never got around to telling you the reason we went to Lopez Island a few weeks ago.  We went because I needed to buy more fleece for spinning and the closest place to do that is Island Fibers on Lopez Island.  I could order …

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Nothing Can Separate Us

Today seems to be a day for thinking about the difference between transitory things and eternal things.  In my devotions this morning I read a quote from Horace Bushnell:  “God is always letting things come into the world that He will not let stay in it.”  Then, during the sermon I was reminded of Romans …

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Lime Kiln Cafe, Roche Harbor

While John and Jackie were here, we ate at the Lime Kiln Cafe in Roche Harbor.  Roche Harbor was originally a manufacturing company town that produced 1,500 pounds of lime per day from 1880 to 1930.  Lime was an important ingredient in cement manufacturing.  When the company was sold in 1956, the town turned into …

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