From August 2017

Categorical Imperative of Kant

As I mentioned last week, I was re-reading a philosophy textbook from back in my college days.  I spent some time reading it this last week, skipping over the really boring chapters and enjoying some of the others.  One of the chapters that really made me think was an excerpt from Immanuel Kant‘s “Metaphysics of …

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Formal Garden at English Camp

Tom and I enjoy working at English Camp, the prettier and nicer of the two parts of San Juan Island Historical Park.  I’m not bragging – English Camp is on a protected bay, the British spent more money building and equipping it, and they took better care of what they had.  Even the park movie …

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Philosophy of Religion

When I was in college, one of my majors (I had four) was Philosophy.  When Tom and I were cleaning out our house, I saved several boxes of books and marked them “Re-read.”  Each time we go to John and Jackie’s, I retrieve a few more books and take time to re-read them.  One of …

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