From December 2016

Very Merry Christmases

I had to wait until today to write about my Christmases because there were four of them.  The last one was last night, so now that my Christmases are over, I can tell you about them and show you some pictures. We started our Christmases with Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s.  We watched the Browns …

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Helping Friends and Family

During our six weeks in Ohio, we are helping friends and family.  Helping them with what?  Pretty much anything they need help with! Obviously our family gets most of our helping.  Jackie and John and my parents keep a running list so there will be things for us to do when we visit their houses. …

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Love Came Down at Christmas

Yesterday was the fourth Sunday in Advent.  The theme for the day was love, which always makes me think of the Christina Rossetti poem, “Love Came Down at Christmas.”  This simple, direct poem was first published in 1885.  It has been set to music but is not usually considered a Christmas favorite. Love came down …

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