From December 2017

Bethel International UMC, Columbus

After trying Rock City Church, we decided to aim for something a little more traditional and mainline.  So we visited Bethel International United Methodist Church in Columbus. Bethel International UMC is an interesting church because it has worship services in more than one language.  Every Sunday there are two worship services in English:  a traditional …

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Malad Gorge State Park in Idaho

Tom and I stopped at Malad Gorge State Park in search of the Grand Canyon of Idaho.  Several people on TripAdvisor refer to Malad Gorge as the Grand Canyon of Idaho and I couldn’t find a better candidate.  However, in the month since we stopped at Malad Gorge, the Bureau of Land Management has decided …

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Pasco Tri-Cities KOA in Washington

While Tom and I were visiting the national park in eastern Washington, we stayed at the Pasco Tri-Cities KOA.  The Tri-Cities area is composed of the cities of Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland with about 300,000 people.  This is a booming area of the state, more than doubling in population since 2000.  The lovely Columbia River …

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