Beautiful Fort Frederica National Monument

Besides having so much interesting history, Fort Frederica National Monument is beautiful.  I take a morning walk every day around 8 a.m. and love to see the changing conditions and unchanging beauty.  Over the seven seasons we spent at Fort Frederica I have seen a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Lots of gorgeous days with plenty of sunshine.  And some really spectacular storms that made us move to shelter through tornado warnings.

Spectacular sunset

This year has been cooler than usual.  We had five nights below freezing (the previous record during our tenure was two).  In addition, many nights have been in the upper 30’s, including nights at the end of February.  We have only had a couple of days in the 70’s, which is, again, unusual.  The normal is half the days in the 60’s and 70’s by this time of year.  So far this year, most of the days have been in the 50’s.  I’m not complaining, just noting the cooler temperatures.

We had one storm that brought three inches of rain in an afternoon.  Coastal Georgia gets plenty of rain, but the sand absorbs it quickly.  This particular storm, however, dumped so much rain so quickly that we had a lake in the middle of the townsite.  It actually made a beautiful reflecting pond for the two days it lasted.

Temporary reflecting pond

There are more deer than ever on the island.  They love to hang out at Fort Frederica because it is quiet and far away from the roads.  The deer are so accustomed to people that they have to be shooed off the paths sometimes.  We often have ten deer in front of the RV.

I love to walk along the river and see the changing weather conditions over the marsh.  I take way too many pictures of the fort, but it is so beautiful and peaceful in the morning.

Today I am sharing just a little of beautiful Fort Frederica with you.  Here are a few more pictures to enjoy.