From July 2017

Coast Salish Canoe Journey 2017

This week, English Camp proudly hosted the Coast Salish Canoe Journey of 2017.  I wrote about the Coast Salish before, when we provided the site for their Cultural Heritage Day.  That was a mini-canoe journey with just one canoe:  a trial run for this canoe journey. The Coast Salish are many different tribes, or families, …

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McMillin Mausoleum in Roche Harbor

The McMillin Mausoleum in Roche Harbor is one of the weirder things to do on San Juan Island.  Of course we had to go there when Sandy and Eric visited.  The McMillin Mausoleum is such an odd place that is featured in Weird Washington, USA Today, and Atlas Obscura. John McMillin started the Lime Kilns of …

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