From April 2020

Self-Isolating Family at Fort Frederica

Tom and I have been self-isolating at Fort Frederica since the middle of March.  The Governor of Georgia didn’t issue a stay-at-home order in Georgia until April 3, but the Glynn County Commissioners closed everything here much earlier.  Fort Frederica shut down programming at the same time Glynn County closed, and we closed the park …

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Colonial Weaving at Fort Frederica

Since Fort Frederica National Monument closed on April 1, I have spent a lot of my time doing colonial weaving.  The other female volunteers have also been busy weaving so we have quite the colonial weaving factory going. First we finished the 13 cotton towels we had been working on.  I think we only had …

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Tent for our Three-Ring Circus

One of the projects we did here at Fort Frederica National Monument was put up a big tent.  We sometimes say it is like a three-ring circus around here, so a tent seemed appropriate.  The tent is intended to protect the archaeological dig that begins in May and will last through the summer.  Our boss, …

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