From April 2022

Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument

Mill Springs Battlefield National Monument is one of the newest National Park sites.  It was dedicated on September 2020 after years of advocacy by the Mill Spring Battlefield Association.  Thanks to the Association there is a beautiful Visitors Center and a very good museum already in place.  Currently, Mill Spring Battlefield National Monument only has …

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Marshes of Glynn by Sidney Lanier

One of our favorite things about working at Fort Frederica National Monument is living next to the Marshes of Glynn.  The salt marshes along the tidal rivers are beautiful, swaying organisms, full of life.  Tom and I love to walk along the Frederica River and see the marshes at low tide and high tide, at …

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No Sanctuary for Easter

This was the third year Tom and I did not worship in a sanctuary on Easter.  This statistic is especially remarkable because of all the Easter services I attended for so many years.  During my 21 years at Wedgewood we usually had three services every Easter Sunday.  If you add in Holy Week services, I …

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