From March 2017

Certified Burgers and Beverage

Tom and I have a place on St. Simons Island that we now consider a favorite restaurant.  We have now eaten there three times and went twice with Mom and Dad while they were on the island.  We will be going there again on Friday.  The name of the restaurant is Certified Burgers and Beverage. …

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Sand Gnats: No-see-um but Can-feel-um!

Every perfect place to live has some serpent in paradise, some fly in the ointment, something that bugs you.  Death Valley had buffalo gnats.  Grand Portage had mosquitoes and biting black flies.  St. Simons Island has sand gnats.   Sand gnats are known by lots of different names:  sand flies, no-see-ums, granny nippers, chitras, or punkies. …

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Azaleas: The Royalty of the Garden

For the last two months, azaleas have been blooming like crazy on St. Simons Island.  Every yard has these plants which are part of the rhododendron family.  Every garden is showy with their riotous blooms.  Across the street from Fort Frederica, the Wesley Memorial Gardens highlight the beauty and variety of the abundant blossoms.  Everywhere …

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