From May 2021

Chicken Salad Chick Restaurant

Tom and I love chicken salad.  Our previous favorite was at the now-defunct Andersons Grocery Store.  Their chicken salad, with raisins and grapes and no nuts, is still my favorite.  But we recently discovered a restaurant that is giving Andersons’ chicken salad a run for its money.  Even better, it is currently in business so …

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Graves of our Ancestors in Ohio

On our last couple of adventure days, we have been finding the graves of our ancestors in Ohio.  Mom and Dad wanted to visit the cemeteries where their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents are buried.  We picked a couple of cool but sunny days to explore and look for the graves. Mom’s people come from …

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Strange Stories in the Bible

Last Sunday, Pastor Phil Rode started his sermon by talking about some of the strange stories in the Bible.  He mentioned lots of difficult and strange stories that we often skip over in our efforts to understand the Bible.  We tend to disregard anything that doesn’t fit our interpretation of facts or events.  Here are …

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