From September 2016

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

The last time Tom and I visited the Columbus Zoo was sometime in 1980 when he and I were dating.  At that time it was not the world-renowned zoo that it is today.  Jack Hanna had just started as Director of the Zoo and had not yet begun the numerous television appearances that made him …

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Are you a generous person?  Tom and I like to think that generosity is one of our traits.  We give generously of our financial resources and are willing to share what we have. Generosity means giving as you have received.  Sharing what you have.  You can look at someone who gives away lots of money …

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That Little Red House

Before I leave Minnesota behind in my blog posts, I had to include one last favorite place. That Little Red House is a yarn shop in Grand Marais and is my favorite current yarn shop.  (My favorite used to be My Sister’s Yarn Shop in Green, Ohio, but it closed in June.)  It was really …

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