From February 2023

Rangers Do Living History Too!

This year has been a first for us at Fort Frederica National Monument:  the rangers do living history with us.  For the previous five years, just the RV volunteers have done living history.  Which sometimes means just Tom and I.  Tom and I would be the only ones doing living history this year, except that …

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Changes Going On Around Here

When we returned to Fort Frederica National Monument this year, we notices that there are some changes going on around here.  This is the only park that we have worked at more than once, so it is hard to say whether changes are normal in the National Park Service.  But, after years of talking about …

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Bathroom and Dog Sitting

Because we were in Ohio a week longer than usual, we were able to do some bathroom and dog sitting for John and Jackie.  They usually head for Florida about the same time we go to Georgia, but they are only gone for a week-long vacation.  This year, John and Jackie were actually planning on …

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