From November 2022

Miners Pasty Kitchen in Munising

For our lunch break in Munising, we got pasties from Miners Pasty Kitchen in Munising.  Pasties are a beloved regional food in Michigan and Wisconsin.  British-American immigrants brought them over from mining communities in Great Britain and they were especially popular in the Upper Peninsula with its mines.  Today they are mostly a draw for …

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Ohio Gourd Show and Festival

The first Saturday in October, Tom and I went to the Ohio Gourd Show and Festival.  The Ohio Gourd Show was held at the Delaware County Fairgrounds, so it wasn’t too far away.  Tom really likes gourds, and, after attending the show, I have a new appreciation of them myself. The Ohio Gourd Show is …

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Fall Foliage in Ohio

The fall foliage in Ohio has been absolutely beautiful.  The weather was perfect, with cool nights and clear, sunny days.  I always contend that Ohio’s fall foliage can rival any other state.  We have maples, oaks, sweet gums, birches, and honey locusts, all of which produce wonderful colors. We went on a fall foliage drive …

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