Game Night = Fun with Volunteers

Tom and I have been enjoying a weekly game night with the other volunteers here at Fort Frederica.  Right now there are three other volunteer couples.  Although we are the only living history volunteers, we are enjoying spending time with the other volunteers in social situations.  Bob and Denise Verba are returning volunteers who we always enjoy.  Liz and Ross Wunderlich and Kathy and Marty Wise are both in their first season at Fort Frederica.

Bob and Denise Verba

Social time always ramps up when I am in a park.  Which is funny considering how much of an introvert I am.  The other couples are more extroverted but I am the one who comes up with the plans to get together.  We have been enjoying going out to eat with the other couples.  Last week we all piled into two cars and headed out to Scott’s BBQ for potato bombs.  SO GOOD!!!!  Still the best.

For the last three Friday nights we have been getting together for game night.  There is something about Friday night that invites sociability.  Verbas love to play Phase 10 and we often play it with them.  The first week (before Marty and Kathy arrived) we invited Liz and Ross to join us.  None of the RVs are big enough for all of us to enjoy playing together, so we met in the maintenance building.  The more people playing Phase 10, the harder it is to make your phase.  Although Ross got stuck on the second phase for a long time, he ended up being the winner.  I was the only one who didn’t make it to Phase 10.  I got stuck on Phase 8.

Ross and Liz Wunderlich

The second week we played Apples to Apples.  Last week Marty and Kathy joined us and we had a raucous game of Name Five as a warm-up.  Then we got really wild with Outburst, which is the iPhone app version of Catch Phrase.  Although we played Name Five in teams, Outburst is just as much fun with just passing the phone around a big circle.  We would turn off the timer if we could, but having that urgency makes it even more fun.

The gang’s all here!

Game nights are lots of fun with the other volunteer couples.  We work together even better when we also play together.  This group of volunteers is a wonderful bunch and we would love to see Marty and Kathy and Liz and Ross come back next year.  They work hard but they also know how to loosen up and laugh.