Lots of Ways to Camp at Wilderness Road Campground

There are lots of ways to camp.  Camping can range from people sleeping on pads on the ground to Full-timers in big rigs who hardly ever sit outside.  Over our summer at Wilderness Road Campground, we saw a huge variety of ways for people to camp.

Class A’s are generally the biggest motorhomes.  We didn’t see a lot of big rigs because the Wilderness Road Campground spaces are generally smaller back-in sites.  But we had a couple of places that could accommodate rigs up to 40 feet long.  I always think it is fun when these big rigs have cars (toads) that are color coordinated.

This RV is a schoolie – a converted school bus.  They are similar to Class A’s, usually converted by the people who are using them.  We saw a few of them.

Class C’s are more mid-sized and we saw a lot of them over the summer.  Usually these are the less expensive motorhomes and great for a vacationing family.  There is plenty of sleeping space and a bathroom inside.

Class B’s are the smallest motorhomes and they were a popular choice for people staying at Wilderness Road.  People who camp in Class B’s (sometimes called conversion vans) spend a lot of time outside because there isn’t much space inside.  The bathroom is usually only a wet-bath, so these folks want to be close to the bathhouse.

We saw lots of trailers over the summer.  They ranged in size from tiny, tear-drop sized to very nice fifth-wheels that needed a big truck for towing.  This fifth wheel was a problem at the campground over labor day.  He felt he had to run his generator all day long.  He shut it off during quiet hours, but it isn’t much fun to hear a very loud generator running.  Several tent campers left because of the noise he made.

This trailer is a hybrid between a trailer and a pop-up.  Many people like pop-ups because they are very affordable.  Joe from Oklahoma, was living full-time in a pop-up trailer.  He felt like it was enough for him.

Even tents demonstrate that there are lots of ways to camp.  We had a homeless family camping in a tent next to us for a couple of weeks.  Some tents are “Taj Mahals”:  multi-room structures.  Some are back-packing tents with just enough room for a sleeping pad and backpack.  We even saw some tents that were on top of cars, making a tree-house sort of dwelling.

Over the summer we talked to lots of people who were camping in lots of different ways.  Most of these people were very happy with the way they had chosen to camp.  It suited them, whether it was luxurious or basic.  It was fun to see all the variety.

We enjoyed staying at Wilderness Road Campground over the summer.  It was fun to be in the middle of lots of people (most of the time).  I enjoyed watching the sunrises on my morning walks and checking out the variety in camping styles.  There are so many ways to camp, there seems to be a style for just about everyone.