Remembering Those on the Front Lines

On this Memorial Day Weekend, I am remembering those on the front lines. Memorial Day has always been a day to remember those who gave their lives in service to our country.  We usually remember those who lost their lives in wars or military actions.  Sometimes we expand that remembrance to include family members and loved ones who died.

But this year we have a new group of people on the front lines.  And I hope we will take time to remember those who are dying to protect us on the health care front.  These are people who kept working even when they didn’t have proper protective gear.  They are people who isolated themselves in hospitals so that they could serve those most in need.  In the United States, alone, dozens of health care workers have died of Covid-19 that they contracted while taking care of others.

So today I am remembering those health care workers who have died.  Business Insider is trying to keep a running tab on the health care workers who gave their lives for others.  They are doing more than just posting a list or putting up pictures.  Instead, as they collect the names of health care workers who have died, they include a proper obituary for each one.  You can see the article here – perhaps you can take time to read each one.

Medscape has a more complete list that is constantly being updated.  Their list includes health care workers from all over the world who have died.  Over 1,000 names so far.  For many of the names, you can click on the name and learn more about the person.

As we return to more normal lives after our time of isolation, it is important for us to remember that the Coronavirus has cost.  On this Memorial Day Weekend, please take remembering those on the front lines of this battle.

I know lots of nurses and doctors and I pray for them every day.  I pray for their safety and that we might all use caution to prevent needless deaths.  We should all thank God for these people who work selflessly and tirelessly for us.  And we remember those who have died.  May God welcome them into his eternal heavenly home.