Susan and Greg Come to Visit

Last week we had our first visitors of the year when Susan and Greg came to St. Simons Island.  Susan Ross and Greg Clark got married February 4 but Tom and I were not able to go to the wedding.  Instead, Susan and Greg came to see us on their honeymoon.  They had spent a few days in Florida and were heading north again via Washington DC.  Greg had never been to Florida, Georgia, or Washington DC, so Susan was expanding his horizons.

We met Greg for the first time in November when Susan brought him to our Akron friends dinner.  They had been dating for five months at the time and were getting serious about a future together.  We’ve known Susan since she lived across the street from us in Mogadore.  Before we retired, we went to football games every Friday night with Susan and Esther and Tom Shuman.  We helped Susan move into a new house in Mogadore and she participated in the yard sale we had when we were getting ready to sell our house.  Lots of good memories and a very precious friendship.

Greg proposed shortly after Thanksgiving and Susan said yes.  They set a February wedding date, which seemed sudden.  But, when it is right and God-blessed, why put it off?  Especially at our ages!  Tom and I were sorry we couldn’t be there for their big day.  When Susan mentioned they were going to Florida for the honeymoon, I told them that we would buy them dinner if they stopped by.

Susan, Greg, me, and Tom

When they came to the island we took them to one of our favorite restaurants – Iguana’s Seafood.  It is one of the larger restaurants on the island, so there isn’t usually a wait for a table.  We were seated right away in a nice booth and had a very friendly and attentive waitress.  Greg has been on a seafood taco kick, so he ordered the special which was shrimp tacos.  I had a chicken breast, Tom got a burger, and Susan got fish.  We all thought our meals were delicious.  One of the things we like about Iguana’s is that their servings aren’t too large.  They are right-sized and we usually clean our plates when we eat there.  Plus they have soft-serve ice cream included with every dinner.

After finishing our dinners, we walked down Mallery Street to the Pier.  We pointed out the sights and then walked over the lighthouse.  Susan took this great picture of the lighthouse with her cell phone.  I really enjoyed watching the lighthouse light sweep across the ocean.  Susan and Greg were properly impressed with the gorgeous live oaks and the Spanish moss hanging on them.  It was a beautiful evening, although a little cool and breezy.

Susan’s picture of the lighthouse

We had so much fun together for the evening.  We laughed and talked and got to know Greg a little better.  I’m sure we will grow to love him as much as we do Susan.  I pray that they will have many happy years together and that God continues to bless their journey.