Two Years in Our Little House

Two years ago on this date, August 12, 2020, Tom and I closed and got the keys to our little house on Treeline Drive.  We are still loving the little house and learning to live with or fix its quirks.  We don’t have any regrets about buying it.  Our favorite thing about the house is the location.  Close to everything, especially the parks and bike trail we love.

Home, sweet home

During the last two years we have spent eight months volunteering in the National Parks.  The rest of the time we have been at home in our little house.  The hardest part of living here was getting the furniture we needed in the midst of the pandemic.  We are very grateful for the furniture that John and Jackie gave us.  We are still using the dresser and end tables.

We have worked on the yard and done some upgrades to the house.  Although the house already had nice landscaping, we have mulched the beds and raised the yard.  We took out the “split rail fence” and the turtles in the yard.  We replaced the turtles with flower beds that are thriving.  The best part of the outdoor upgrades are the beautiful flowers at the back of the house.  The coneflowers, daylilies, and Black-eyed Susans love the morning sun and afternoon shade.

Coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans

We added a porch swing to the outside and Tom did the deck repairs.  I love to sit on the porch swing in the early evening and enjoy the privacy of our backyard.  I even enjoy weeding the flower beds because they give me such joy.

We have also done some upgrades inside the house in the last two years.  We renovated the master bath and it is perfect.  Tom installed a radon-mediation system that is working very well.  We had some electrical stuff upgraded.  I have my office / workroom and Tom has his own storage room.  Over the course of the last two years I bought several kitchen gadgets that I enjoy using but didn’t have room for in the RV.  I especially like our big kitchen / dining room table.  We can eat on one end and I have plenty of room for a puzzle or game at the other end.

Updated master bath

One of the things that gives me joy inside is the loom room, where I have my big loom set up.  It is a huge luxury to have that space.  I feel almost decadent at having so much room just for my loom.  Tom really enjoys his garage / workroom.  He has had lots of fun fixing stuff and tinkering in the garage.  I tease him about how often he goes to Home Depot.

We still have plenty of things we want to or need to do to the house.  The driveway was supposed to be replaced in July, but, like most things these days, it is taking longer than expected.  We will need to replace the roof sooner rather than later but that is a big project for next year or the year after.  The second bathroom needs some updating.  All projects for the future.

We are loving our little house and are so thankful for the two years we have lived here.  We plan on enjoying the house for many years to come.