60th Wedding Anniversary for Mom and Dad

Newlywed Betty and David Clymer

Today is my parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary.  On this day in 1957 they were married in Burbank, Ohio.  Dad was in medical school and Mom had just graduated from college.  They moved into a small apartment in Columbus Ohio, and I was born a couple of years later, a few months after Dad graduated.

Dad served a couple of years in the Army and my brother, Steve, was born while we were living in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Once Dad completed his service in the army and his medical residency, he set up practice as a family physician in Lexington, Ohio.  My sister, Julia, was born in while we were in Lexington.

Beginning a medical practice is very time intensive and stressful.  Mom and Dad worked together to build a successful life in Lexington.  Although Mom and Dad had separate spheres of influence, they have always been partners in their marriage.  They raised us kids together and saw us successfully launched into adulthood.

An important element of their life together is their faith and the church that helped build their faith.  I remember many nights when I fell asleep hearing their murmured prayers together for their children.  Mom directed the choir for many years at church and Dad always taught Sunday School.  They both served on lots of committees at the local and conference level.  No wonder I always feel at home in the church!

One kid
Two kids
Three kids
Christmas 2001

Their marriage hasn’t been perfect.  Any marriage has its ups and downs.  Building a practice and raising three kids put some stresses on them.  But they decided to stick to their marriage vows:  for better, for worse, in sickness and in health.  They have been a shining example of keeping those promises.  And they have grown in love with each other and with God over the years.

Mom and Dad have always celebrated their anniversaries quietly, without a lot of hoopla. On their 50th anniversary we all got together in Lakeside and celebrated for a week.  But we are not able to be present with them this year.  Instead, they are going out to dinner – just the two of them.

Earlier this year at St. Augustine

I am very thankful to have both my parents around and active in my life.  They have been an example to me and to our family of a love that endures.  So Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!  Thank you for loving each other.  May God continue to bless you.