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Azaleas at Frederica

I rave about the azaleas at Frederica every year.  They start blooming at the beginning of February and continue to bloom through March.  When I walked in the azalea garden this morning, it looked like most of them were done blooming because the weather turned suddenly very cold.  No matter how long or short their …

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Bathroom and Dog Sitting

Because we were in Ohio a week longer than usual, we were able to do some bathroom and dog sitting for John and Jackie.  They usually head for Florida about the same time we go to Georgia, but they are only gone for a week-long vacation.  This year, John and Jackie were actually planning on …

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Wonderful Christmastime

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmastime.  I certainly did, although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting or planning. We always want a white Christmas in Ohio.  One year, when I was a pastor, it started snowing during the midnight Christmas service and continued with big, fluffy flakes into the next …

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