8:15 Service at Wesley United Methodist Church

One of the nice things about being back at Fort Frederica is having the Wesley United Methodist Church across the street.  Even though we have to work every Sunday, we can still get to church most weeks.  Attending the 8:15 a.m. service means that I can go to church and still get to work by 9:30.  So far I have been going to church alone.  One Sunday Tom was not feeling well and needed extra sleep and another Sunday he got the fire started at work so I could take my time getting there.

This is the first time we have attended the 8:15 service.  Two years ago when we had a large contingent of living history people, we rotated Sunday morning duty.  Two out of three Sundays Tom and I were able to attend the 9 a.m. service and get to work by 11.  Last year Tom and I were the only living history people, so we didn’t make it to church very often.  This year we have a larger group and I hope to be more regular in my attendance.

Of course, the 8:15 service is a change.  The service is traditional, but not liturgical like the 10:45 service.  We sing familiar hymns using the hymnal and have special music instead of a choir.

Wesley United Methodist Church has a new Senior Pastor, Reverend Doctor Jerry Roe, Junior.  His prefixes and suffixes are longer than his name.  The previous pastor became a District Superintendent.  Rev. Roe is very friendly and greets people on the sidewalk before the 8:15 service.  After the service he shakes hands but has to move on to the 9:00 service so not much time to talk.  This last week I went a little early so I would have a few minutes to introduce myself.

Wesley also has a new Music Director and Organist and Assistant Pastor.  They are a couple and he, Dr. Zachary Marshall, is the full-time music director.  She, Rev. Dr. Jennifer Marshall, is the part-time organist and part-time assistant pastor.  This last week she played a Bach Fugue as a prelude that was pretty spectacular.  He sang “Love Lifted Me” as special music and it was wonderful.  They seem to be a great addition to the church.

I’m glad the church across the street offers an 8:15 service on Sunday morning.  My day goes better when it starts with church.