Berardis Family Kitchen in Sandusky, Ohio

We ate at so many new restaurants during our time in Ohio that I need to talk about at least one of them every week.  Several friends assured me that my restaurant reviews give them ideas of places to try.  One of our new favorites, and certain to get a return trip, is Berardis Family Kitchen in Sandusky, Ohio.

We went to Sandusky to meet Karen Graham, who is now serving Lakeside United Methodist Church.  Tom and I have both been to Sandusky countless times, but usually to visit Cedarpoint Amusement Park or to drive through on our way to Lakeside.  So I had to search Trip Advisor for suggestions of places to eat.  Berardis came up as the top restaurant in Sandusky – so we had to try it.

When we sat at the table in Berardis I started to read the bio on the front of the menu.  I mentioned to Tom that they are supposed to be famous for their french fries and Tom immediately said, “Berardis Fries!  The Cedarpoint Fries!”  Long after Tom stopped riding most of the rides at Cedarpoint, he was still willing to go to eat the french fries.

So, the french fries are famous, but what about the rest of the food?  Judging from the packed parking lot and every table full, it must be pretty good.  The desserts displayed in a case by the cash register looked wonderful.  So I decided I had to save room for dessert.  I ordered a pulled brisket sandwich.  Tom and Karen got Lake Erie Perch and we shared an order of famous Berardis fries.  Everything was very good and not too much – so we could have dessert.

Brisket sandwich
Lake Erie Perch
French Silk Pie
Pecan pie
Cherry Pie

We each ordered a piece of pie.  Tom got pecan, Karen got cherry, and I ordered French Silk.  I grilled the waitress about it before I ordered it, because some people serve chocolate pudding pie disguised with the french silk name.  But my pie was the best.  Truly a delicious, light, wonderful french silk.  So good I would be willing to drive to Berardis in Sandusky just for a piece of pie.

Famous fries and fabulous pies!  What more could you want?  Maybe a piece of the peanut butter chocolate cake.  With ice cream.  Nah – it couldn’t possibly be better than the French Silk pie.  Berardis Family Kitchen is an excellent place to stop and eat if you are going to or by Sandusky.