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Carrot Cake for my Birthday

I like a good carrot cake.  Something moist and a little chewy.  It can have coconut or pineapple in it as long as those items add texture and moisture but don’t dominate the flavor.  Raisins are fine – nuts are not.  And, of course, that is the problem with most carrot cakes.  For some reason …

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Fried Bologna Sandwiches in Waldo, Ohio

After the adventure of visiting the Marion Cemetery, we headed to Waldo Ohio for fried bologna sandwiches.  I’m not sure how something at a restaurant gets to be “famous.”  At least they don’t say “world-famous.”  I’m also not sure how Mom and Dad heard about these famous fried bologna sandwiches.  But it sounded like a …

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Annas Greek Cuisine in Columbus

Tom and I recently tried Annas Greek Cuisine for the first time.  Our daughter-in-law, Jackie, is always trying to expand our food horizons.  She suggested getting takeout from Annas Greek Cuisine and we agreed to look at the menu.  Although there were lots of Greek options (foods I have never tried) there were also menu …

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