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Annas Greek Cuisine in Columbus

Tom and I recently tried Annas Greek Cuisine for the first time.  Our daughter-in-law, Jackie, is always trying to expand our food horizons.  She suggested getting takeout from Annas Greek Cuisine and we agreed to look at the menu.  Although there were lots of Greek options (foods I have never tried) there were also menu …

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Jefferson Diner in Jefferson, Ohio

While we were exploring Ashtabula County, we had lunch from the Jefferson Diner in downtown Jefferson, Ohio.  Jefferson is the Ashtabula County seat (bet you thought it was Ashtabula!).  It is a small town and the biggest building in it is the county courthouse. Fortunately, the Jefferson Diner sits across from the courthouse, so it …

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Mallery Street Cafe

As the final post about Kris Moye’s visit, I want to write about the Mallery Street Cafe where we ate for lunch on the last day.  Of course, we had to pick a new place that Tom and I had never been.  After we spent a couple of hours going in and out of the …

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