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Pollen Season in Coastal Georgia

March and April were pollen season in Coastal Georgia.  I used to think spring allergies in Ohio were bad.  And they were, compared to the relatively pollen free air in winter in Ohio.  But, when we came to coastal Georgia in winter, I discovered a whole new level of pollen saturation. Here on St. Simon’s …

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Self-Isolating Family at Fort Frederica

Tom and I have been self-isolating at Fort Frederica since the middle of March.  The Governor of Georgia didn’t issue a stay-at-home order in Georgia until April 3, but the Glynn County Commissioners closed everything here much earlier.  Fort Frederica shut down programming at the same time Glynn County closed, and we closed the park …

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Grocery Shopping in a Pandemic

March was a month of changes.  Grocery shopping is one of the things that has really changed.  I thought the panic buying in the grocery store would settle down after the first week or two.  But the hand sanitizer and toilet paper areas continue to be empty when we go to the store.  And the …

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