Chappys Social House in Centerville, Ohio

Before we left Ohio, Tom and I headed to Chappys Social House to meet Steve, Amy, and Emma Winstead for supper.  Steve is our “other son,” John’s best friend growing up, and we try to see him and his family as often as we can.  They suggested we meet at Chappys Social House because it is close to their house.  They eat there frequently (or did before baby) and have enjoyed it.

Tom and I arrived first at Chappys Social House, which gave us time to look around and enjoy the ambience before the Winsteads arrived.  The interior is open and inviting, with lots of televisions tuned to sports scattered around the restaurant.  There is a party room and another room with a pool table and some games.  The restaurant was busy without being noisy or feeling crowded.

Once the Winsteads arrived, they handed over Emma and I was happy.  Emma is a sweet, six-month-old who usually has a smile on her face.  She is at the age where everything within reach goes into her mouth, so we had to be careful what we put within grabbing distance.  Her parents came prepared with baby food, but Emma was much more interested in the real food.

Smothered chicken with cornbread
Burger and fries
Smothered chicken with broccoli

Tom and I ordered the smothered chicken and the Winsteads all got burgers and fries.  I got a side salad and cornbread for sides and Tom got steamed broccoli.  We also had pretzel bites for an appetizer.  Tom and I really enjoyed our smothered chicken and ate everything on our plates.  The service was very good:  efficient and quick without being rushed or overbearing.

The best part of the meal, of course, was getting to talk to Steve and Amy and play with Emma.  Steve and Amy are great parents and are gaining confidence in their parenting skills as Emma gets older.  Emma is lucky to have two great parents who support each other and will love her unconditionally as she grows.

Emma started rubbing her eyes and yawning about the time the check came, so we parted quickly at the door.  Amy texted me that Emma fell asleep as soon as she was buckled into her car seat.  All that being good in the restaurant wore her out.

Chappys Social House was a great place to eat.  Tom and I will gladly meet the Winsteads there anytime they want.