Communion Sunday at Lewis Center UMC

Last Sunday Tom and I returned to Lewis Center United Methodist Church.  It was Communion Sunday, as are most first Sundays in United Methodist Churches.  The sermon went perfectly with Communion as Rev. Tom Hanover talked about “What’s in Your Hands?”

I was pretty impressed that Rev. Tom didn’t even mention “You’re in Good Hands” when talking about the topic.  He started with John 6:1-13, the story of feeding the 5000.  This is a great story for communion because it talks about Jesus taking the five loaves and two fish and feeding thousands.  Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks, and then distributed the food.

Rev. Tom proceeded to draw a parallel between the disciples thinking there wouldn’t be enough to the ways we often think there isn’t enough.  We think our little bits won’t help, or that our hands are too small or too weak.  We don’t think we have enough in our hands.  (Too much on our plates, not enough in our hands).

But instead of thinking about the shortages and the ways we don’t measure up, we should think about giving what we have into God’s hands.  God is more concerned with what we do with what we have than he is with how much we have.  When we put the little we have into the hands of Jesus, he gives thanks and turns it into more than we could imagine.

Communion is a way of sharing and participating in the body and life of Christ.  When we share what we have in our hands with God and with each other, we are blessed with an abundance.  There is no shortage.  We may feel like we don’t have enough, but when we put it in Jesus’ hands, it is more than enough for God’s purposes.

The question is:  Are we willing to trust him with all that we have?