Dietsch Brothers Ice Cream and Wilson’s Sandwich Shop

When we went to Hancock County recently, we headed to Findlay for lunch.  We had sandwiches from Wilson’s and ice cream from Dietsch Brothers.  Dad has lots of wonderful memories about eating at both places.  He and Mom used to go to the movie theater across the street for a date when they were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Clymer.  After the movie they would go to Wilson’s for a burger and malt.  Tom and I had never been to either place so we were eager to try them.

Wilson’s Sandwich Shop has been a downtown Findlay staple since 1936.  Before we went in, I asked Dad how long it had been there and he said, “As long as I can remember.”  Since he was born in 1934, Wilson’s has been around almost as long as he has.  Wilson’s Sandwich Shop has a basic menu displayed but they have more options than are on the menu.  But they stick to the basics:  burgers, fries, and milkshakes.  The dining room is closed but you can order inside.  All the booths were taped off and two out of every three counter stools had big X’s on them.

Ordering inside Wilson’s

Because the drive-through was busy, we went inside to order.  We also needed to use the restroom.  Everything inside was a little shabby and worn but it was clean and maintained its historical look.  The food was delicious.  The burgers were just the right amount of greasy and weren’t too big.  I ordered a BLT and it was loaded with bacon.  The fries were also very good and Dad said his malt tasted the same as always.  The server made sure we had plenty of ketchup and mustard, which we all appreciated.  Wilson’s Sandwich Shop is located across the street from Marathon headquarters, which I am sure contributes to Wilson’s longevity and success.

Dietsch Brothers Ice Cream is just down the street from Wilson’s.  We knew we wanted to get some ice cream there, so we ordered accordingly at Wilson’s.  Dietsch Brothers has been in business since 1937 selling chocolates and ice cream.  When we walked in, we were immediately hit with the smell of sugar and chocolate.  The ice creams are made on-site using recipes developed by founder Edward Dietsch.  The motto of Dietsch Brothers is “quality over quantity” and you can taste it in their ice cream.  Everyone except me ordered a scoop of Moose Tracks in a cone.  I got a scoop of Toffee Caramel Crunch in a bowl.  I wanted to try lots of flavors but I practiced some self-restraint for a change.  The ice cream was delicious:  creamy and rich.

Candy Counter
Ice Cream Counter
Half gallons to take home

Dietsch Brothers has a candy counter and an ice cream counter.  Although there were tables and chairs, all the chairs were upside down, discouraging people from staying.  It was a cool day in Findlay but there was a steady stream of customers enjoying a scoop of the Dietsch Brothers treat.

Dietsch Brothers and Wilson’s Sandwich Shop are both Findlay staples.  If you travel to Hancock County, we recommend both of them.