Dune Dogz at Ottawa Beach, Michigan

The day the tandem broke, our first day of riding in Holland, we rewarded ourselves for making it back by eating at Dune Dogz.  Dune Dogz is a nice little fast-foodish place just next to the state park.  Perfect for campers who don’t feel like fixing lunch or supper one night while they are camping.

Dune Dogz

Dune Dogz specializes in hot dogs, but their menu is extensive.  They have burgers and lots of fried sides, including cheese curds, bosco sticks (whatever those are), green beans, and a variety of fries.   I thought about getting a Dune Dog because I love corn dogs, but the sodium level made me hesitate.  Instead, I ordered a Hound which let me choose my own toppings.  Tom did the same and we got an order of fries to share.

The food came quickly and the Hounds looked like hot dogs in a plain bun with some toppings.  The mustard on mine was put on very artistically.  Tom added his own mustard and it came out in a blob.  Not as nice a presentation.  The dogs tasted good but there wasn’t anything special about them.  The fries were pretty basic as well.  Tom got a chocolate shake which was also all right but not great.

The best part of the meal at Dune Dogz, for me, was the ice cream.  I had a really hard time deciding because there were so many yummy looking flavors.  The ice cream was Hudsonville, which is a local ice cream maker.  Their headquarters are in Hudsonville, Michigan, which is only a short distance from Holland.  I was good and just got one scoop of Mackinac Island Fudge, which was delicious.  Vanilla ice cream with butter fudge swirls and pieces of chocolate fudge.  I love ice creams that have chocolate but aren’t all chocolate.

The ice cream was so good that the next day I had some more.  Tom and I rode the tandem to Windmill Island and downtown, and back to Holland State Park.  Then we walked to Ottawa Beach and up Mt. Pisgah.  I got so much exercise that I decided I deserved some ice cream.  We got Hudsonville again, but we got it at the General Store across the street from Dune Dogz.  They had a bigger variety of flavors and I saw so many I wanted to try.  But they wouldn’t split a scoop, which is my favorite way to try more than one kind.  I was forced to order two scoops.

I got one scoop of raspberry dark chocolate chip.  So good.  I also got a scoop of brownie batter which had brownie pieces and a caramel swirl.  Just as good.  Out of the three I can’t say which one I liked the best.  But I will say this, I ate every bite, whether I should have or not.  Tom got ice cream as well, but he always get vanilla with chocolate syrup.  Why stick to vanilla when you can try so many different kinds?  Tom says vanilla with chocolate syrup is his favorite.  Every time he orders it, it reminds me of Bob Newhart ordering a plain scoop of vanilla in an ice cream shop.  The episode was “Sorry, Wrong Mother” of the Bob Newhart Show, if you want to watch it.

Hudsonville ice cream is delicious, but I like almost all ice cream.  The creamier the better.  What is your favorite ice cream flavor or brand?