Enjoying the Food Aboard Nieuw Statendam

Everybody always talks about all the food available on a cruise ship.  It is true.  There is a lot of food and you could eat and eat, if you wanted to.  Tom and I are all about eating in moderation and enjoying the food.  In many ways I eat less when I am aboard a cruise ship because I don’t have food in my room.  I have to go and get it, so there isn’t any mindless snacking.

Enjoying our food means being mindful of what we eat.  Most of the time Tom and I eat at the Lido Market.  This is the casual dining spot on board and is open from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., except for an hour after breakfast and another hour after 4 p.m.  Instead of getting a set size meal, like in the dining room, we can choose our portions.  This morning I got oatmeal and raisins for breakfast.  I asked for half a bowl, which was plenty.  Then, at lunch I got a cheeseburger which was slider-sized and some carrots.  Tom and I have a salad for one of our meals every day.  There is also lots of fresh fruit which I especially enjoy.

My breakfast one morning

The Lido Market has food stations where you can get a variety of different dishes.  We can get foods already made or ask for something made to order.  Tom loves to get an omelet that is made fresh.  The Breadboard offers freshly baked breads, sandwiches and pastries.  Wild Harvest serves salads where we pick what goes into them.  The Homestead serves up comfort classics.  Distant Lands features global cuisine.  The Sweet Spot offers ice cream creations and desserts. Plenty of choices at every meal.

There are also specialty restaurants.  We ate one night at the Pinnacle Grill which offers a variety of steaks and seafood.  We both got Filet Mignon and it was melt-in-your-mouth tender.  Definitely the best steak I’ve had in a very long time.  Tom and I shared a chocolate souffle which was as good as the steak.

Next to the pool is New York Pizza and the Dive-In.  We had some pizza our first day on the ship when we just wanted something fast that would tide us over until supper.  Another day we split a hot dog from the Dive-In.  It is certainly possible to eat too much but it is also possible to eat healthy and not gain the normal cruise passenger pound a day.  Because we are going to be on the ship for almost three months, we are definitely being careful.

Triple Berry Pannenkoek

Our biggest indulgence is a chocolate chip cookie every afternoon at the Grand Dutch Cafe.  But we can only get a cookie if we have been up to the Fitness Center working out.  The Grand Dutch Cafe also offers other sweetjes – the Dutch word for a sweet treat in the afternoon.  One day I got a Triple Berry Pannenkoek, which was a crepe stuffed with berries.  A lot of Dutch words look like their English counterpart if you work at it a little.

All the food has been good.  I enjoy the variety.  The small portions allow me to sample and many different foods.  Not having to prepare any of it myself, or clean up afterward, means I am enjoying the food.