God Covers the Trees in Glory

I have been loving this fall and the way God covers the trees in glory.  Every morning when I take my walk, I remind myself to appreciate the beauty all around me.  If I am looking down at the path too much, I deliberately look up to admire the colored leaves and the trees around me.  I watch the squirrels dart and the deer dash away from my noise.  I listen to the birds and admire the geese flying overhead.

I’ve also been taking pictures of the path most mornings.  After the windstorm we had last Sunday, most of the leaves are down.  God covers the trees in glory in the fall, but he also loves the trees that raise their bare branches in praise.  I am trying to embrace the bare branches as well.  I want to be a person who celebrates God no matter what the season of the year or the season of my life.

I ran across this poem in my devotional reading recently wanted to share it with you.  It is a fitting accompaniment to my pictures from my morning walks.  Notice how the trees change as the pictures progress, but God still covers the trees in glory.

Wherever you are, in whatever season of life, I pray that God will cover your life with glory and that you may find delight in it.

“Unto the Hills” by Mary Bogart

As a mother covers her child from the cold
With the colorful comforter made by hand;
So God covers the trees in glory,
Before the grim, gray winter finds
Naked arms stretched out in supplication.

Unto the hills I look to see how God can care for just a tree.
How can I doubt when winter comes,
That God will care any less for me?