Jekyll Island Seafood Restaurant

After our long morning at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Tom, Mom, Dad, and I went in search of a place to eat lunch.  Although Jekyll Island has lots of hotel rooms, it has few restaurants located outside the hotels.  Unless we get a really good recommendation, we never choose to eat at a hotel restaurant.  So we walked along Main Street until we spotted the Jekyll Island Seafood Restaurant – now open!

We looked at the menu and they had some sandwiches and salads that were reasonably priced, so we decided to go in.  We had our choice of outside or inside seating.  Given that the temperature was around 50 with a strong wind blowing, we opted to eat inside.

Interesting light fixture

Jekyll Island Seafood Restaurant just opened this year in the Beach Village of “downtown” Jekyll Island.  The owners also have an restaurant in Atlanta with the same name that opened in 2012.  So Jekyll Island Seafood Restaurant started as an Atlanta restaurant.  The owners wanted to highlight the cuisine of the Golden Isles.

I am glad they decided to open this restaurant on Jekyll Island.  The food we had was, for the most part, very good.  The sandwiches were excellent, although the sweet potato chips were overdone.  I had a chicken breast sandwich with slaw.  Tom had the catch of the day with cheese and fries and the fries were excellent.  Dad had pulled pork and Mom also had the catch of the day which I think was grouper.  The sandwiches really hit the spot – we were hungry after our morning!

Our waitress was nice but not particularly attentive.  A different waitress brought our food and then got drink refills for us.  After that – nothing.  Finally Dad got up and asked for the check.  The food was fresh and hot, but I’m glad there are so many restaurant choices for us on St. Simons Island!

  • bethannchiles

    Well we will have to check this one out on our next trip and see if service is any better. That makes a meal for me if the service is good the meal does not have to be perfect. 🙂

    • revkaren54

      Next trip come and visit St. Simons! Looks like we will be back here again next year.

  • Kristin Burkey

    No dessert?

    • revkaren54

      We were going to order some – heard the peach cobbler was good – but the waitress never came back!