Knit and Spin in Montague, Michigan

Another great reason to stop in Montague, Michigan, is to visit the Knit and Spin.  Ever since my local yarn shop in Columbus closed, I stop at all the local yarn shops I can find.  I don’t need that much yarn, but I try to find something to buy to support a local, in-person shop.

Knit and Spin is located in a small strip of shops on the north side of Montague, Michigan.  The owner recently relocated from Shelby, Michigan which seems like a good choice.  Shelby has a population of 2,000 with nothing around it.  Montague has a slightly larger population but is connected to the town of Whitehall.  So the area has about 6,000 residents with a lot more tourism than Shelby.  The shop didn’t look like much from the outside, but it was everything I wanted it to be inside.

On the day I visited there were several women sitting in the store knitting.  I always love it when people are hanging around yarn stores doing their thing.  It makes it seem friendlier and more welcoming.  I feel like “these are my people and this could be my home.”  When people are in the store hanging out, it makes me want to hang out as well.  Although small, Knit and Spin had a nice selection of yarn and books.  I especially appreciate yarn shops that stock a variety of yarns in a range of prices.  Not everyone that wants to knit something nice can afford $30 a skein.  There are plenty of very nice yarns that are closer to $10 a skein.

I love to feel the colors and textures of the yarn.  Knit and Spin also has a nice variety of roving, lots of lovely hand-painted braids, ready to spin.  The shop stocks rigid heddle looms and had all the back issues of the magazine “Little Looms.”  I bought a felting kit to give to a friend who likes to try new crafts and a couple of back issues of Little Looms for my niece, Grace.  Even if I don’t need yarn, I can usually find something that I do need.

Tom patiently waited for me outside the shop.  He wasn’t sure why I needed to go to another yarn store, but he is always supportive of my knitting and spinning.

Knit and Spin is a lovely little yarn shop in Montague, Michigan.  They have a great website and the owner was really helpful in answering my questions.  The only time she told me no was when I asked if she would be willing to move to Westerville.  Oh well.  Not having a good local yarn shop just gives me another reason to travel.