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Rust Belt Fibershed

I recently attended at talk by the organizer of the Rust Belt Fibershed, sponsored by the Central Ohio Weaving and Fiberarts Guild.  I joined the Guild in 2022 and manage to get to one or two meetings a year, usually when they have speakers I want to hear. Living sustainably is important to me, although …

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2023 Weaving: A Little Loomy

Although the name of this post is 2023 Weaving, I am going to cover the last 18 months of weaving because I haven’t written much about it for a while.  I have been very busy weaving a variety of things with one ambitious project and lots of the same old thing. Last year, when Tom …

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2023 Knitting Update

This is my 2023 knitting update, although I haven’t really been knitting enough to have much of an update.  This summer, especially, was a bad time for knitting.  I usually knit when I am watching television and we went four months without television.  Which meant four months with only a couple of national park hats …

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