Leprechaun First Trip, Motorhome Maiden Voyage

When I took my class at Red Stone Glen, we stayed in the Leprechaun at Harrisburg East Campground.  We stayed there last year when I took my Beginning Weaving Class, but we were in the behemoth RV.  This time it was a little different.  How did the Leprechaun do?

Well, it is certainly different from the other RV.  Tom loved driving it.  He even drove it to Red Stone Glen the first day to get me to class.  We rented a car while we were in Harrisburg, but we couldn’t pick it up in time to get to class the first day.  So Tom drove me down the holler to get to class.  Not something we would have done with the old RV.

Parked next to another Leprechaun at Harrisburg East

The Leprechaun is easier to set up and to tear down.  I had a 40 point checklist in the old RV of things we had to be sure to do before we pulled out of a place.  The Leprechaun is closer to 15 points.  Because it is so much smaller, there is less to stabilize and it is even more important to put stuff away after you use it.  Consequently, even after a week in one place, we had very little to move or put away.  One odd thing is the fold-up bed.  If you don’t fold the bed, the bedroom slide can’t come in.

Leveling blocks are a new experience

The bathroom in the Leprechaun is as tiny as a bathroom can be and still have a separate shower, toilet, and sink.  I had to stand sideways in the shower to wash my hair.  But everything worked the way it was supposed to and there was plenty of hot water.

The kitchen is the biggest adjustment for us in the Leprechaun.  I never felt like I lacked any kitchen appliances or conveniences in the old RV.  This new one has about 1/4 the storage of the old one.  The Leprechaun comes with a typical tiny RV oven, which means I won’t be using it to bake anything.

Privacy cover over windshield

We easily fit in everything we needed for a week.  I think a three-month stay in it will be a little more challenging.  But, as we keep reminding each other, we don’t have to take everything we own with us anymore.  Of course, when you have everything you own with you, you don’t say “Oh, shoot, I forgot to bring . . .”  When we head out to volunteer in a national park, we will have to be more intentional about packing.

While we were gone, we ordered some additional storage items for the Leprechaun.  We installed a handful of little shelves when we got home, and put up some additional hooks.  A paper towel holder and toothbrush holder are very important.

On the whole the Leprechaun performed as expected. It is much smaller, which means that it is nimble and easier to drive.  But it is also smaller which means less floor space sometimes feeling cramped.  I’m sure we will adjust and come to love the Leprechaun as much as we loved our big 5th wheel.