Letters to London: Jr. Ranger Program

Annmarie and Zeke Morency

One of my favorite parts of working in a National Park is swearing in Jr. Rangers.  Most National Park Sites have a Jr. Ranger program.  In this program kids (and adults who choose to do it) fill out a book with activities about the park and get a Jr. Ranger badge.  Today we had two kids at Fort Frederica who have over 124 Jr. Ranger badges from different parks.  Congratulations to Annmarie and Zeke Morency who received the Master Jr. Ranger patch today and wrote letters to London.

As part of the Jr. Ranger program at Fort Frederica the kids are invited to write letters to London and leave them in the Visitor Center.  Today I got to read the 200+ letters that have been left.  Some of them are so wonderful that I want to share them with you.  So the rest of this post is some of the letters to London that have been written by the Jr. Rangers at Fort Frederica (spelling and grammar errors are in the original letters).  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Father:  This place is nice.  We’re still building here and preparing to confront the enemy:  those stupid spanish.  We’re in a place where anyone who trys to attack us is stupid.  We practiced with these cannons, and we’re invincible now.  Let’s hope we can help save a lot of people.  Pray for me, and regards from Andy

Dear Sirs,  I have tariball news.  Theres mosetos everywere and alligaters in the river!  Your solger, Mason

Dear Family,  The fort is being built in a dreadful location, the air is so dense you can cut it with a knife.  Also the summers are hot in our wool uniforms.  However, I can’t help but love this place.  The tavern I visit often keeps the men entertained.  We gossip about those men who run away from the town.  Best wishes, Craine

Dear Aunt Megan, Just today, 6/17/1736, we arrived at Fort Fredrica!  We are building a whole town.  Each house is constructed using taffy made out of oysters.  The people are nice here, except my neighbor is quite grumpy.  I love how the Fort is designed to keep the Spanish away.  The only problem is that there is no decent tea!  Do not worry about me, it is very safe here.  I will write again soon!  Sue

April 9th, 1736.  I have finnaly come ashore from the boat.  There is alot of grass and trees.  There are also insects in gray clumps hanging from trees called “spanish moss.”  On the boat I got seasick twice, and found five rats aboard.  One of the crew members fell overboard and drownded.  Doctor Hawkins doesn’t like kids and threatens to sell me as a servant.  Mr. and Mrs. Davidson, General Oglethorpe, Mary Musgrove, and Luitenate Demere are very nice.  Mr. Calwell’s given me 16 shillings already!  I really miss my family in London, and hope to see them soon.  Annie

Dear King George,  There is a lot of people.  The buildings are growing.  You should come visit.  Love, Madelyn

Dear Sis, So life here is hard but satisfying.  There is something new happening everyday.  I’ve made friends here and we are learning new things.  Today was canyon tryels seeing how far they reach.  No spanish will be coming here.  Well my candle running low so I send my love.  Troy

December 16, 1736.  As we were heading into winter all of the men and women where diyng and the spanish have been trying to get to the fort and burn it so we have been fighting I don’t think I can make it out of here.  Kalel

Dear Mr. Smith, Life in Fort Frederica is diffrent now because we are now friends with the creek indians, thanks to Mary Musgrove.  The creeks have taught us many things like how to hunt and fish, but I am still scared of alligators!  Sincerely, Mary.  PS John and Charls Wesley preached their last sermon on Sunday and are coming back to england.

Dear Papa.  This place sad.  I hate living here there is nothing to do.  I don’t have unfe mony for food.  Im geting etin up by nats.  William

Dearest Londoners,  The summer hath been harsh.  The ground is mostly sand and an alligator took mine leg.  All hope is not lost yet for I have taken an apprenticeship with the with the town chandler.  Love, Katie

Dear King George, Thank you for sending your hard working troops and never giveing up when you lost one of your solgers and finally I wanted to say great job winning the war and you are very nice.  Ingrid

Dear Mom, I am a man waiting for a chance to come home to you.  I am having trouble for it is hard living here in Frederica.  I wish we could come back.  Life is so rough.  Love, Ronan.  PS Oglethorpe wants more troops, please tell the king that.

Dear family,  The weather here in frederica Georgia is nothing like at home.  We were completely unprepared for this heat.  In England at home it is cold and rainy.  Here its hotter than we can take and it is super hard not to get burned up by the sun.  Here are these huge green scally beasts with sharp teeth.  We have got to be careful around them.  Sincerely, Daniel

Dear Family, I know I can’t make it home but I might be able to make it there.  Are tonw is in wore.  And I do not know where you are.  but here is one thing I do love you very munch.  Our tonw is not going so well like I thought it would be going.  They said our tonw is going to cach on fire in tow days.  Love, McKenzie