Wendy and Ronn Come for a Visit

Wendy and Ronn Bower

Our social life has been jammed lately.  First a month with my parents, then a visit from Bill and Barbara.  Just two days after Bill and Barbara visited, Wendy and Ronn Bower came to see us.

Wendy and I have been friends since our graduate school days at Kent State.  The best thing about Wendy is that she always makes me laugh.  She has an exuberant joy and an ability to find humor in difficult situations.  Sometimes we try to top each other making extreme doom and gloom predictions but we always end up cracking up instead of being gloomy.

Wendy and Ronn spent a week on Amelia Island south of Jacksonville and took a day to come up and see us.  We walked around Fort Frederica and gave them a tour of the RV which they had never seen.  Tom then served as tour guide as we showed them around the island.

We stopped by the St. Simons Lighthouse and walked out on the pier and around downtown.  They acted impressed with all we knew about St. Simons (as good friends should).

We decided to eat supper at Mullet Bay Restaurant and it turned out to be a very good choice.  The decor inside was beachy and fun.  We ate on the deck because it was another beautiful, perfect day.  Our only concern eating on the deck was the precocious (pernicious?) crows who stole any food left unattended.

We tried the Jambalaya Fritters – rice, sausage, and peppers coated and fried.  When the entrees came, we were so hungry and it looked so good that I forgot to take pictures until we ate half of it. I had the Chicken Alfredo which was excellent.  The Alfredo sauce wasn’t too heavy or too thick. I also ordered a brownie lava cake dessert and everyone enjoyed some.

Inside Mullet Bay
Unique island decor
Fun colors and palms
Outdoor deck
Looking over the menu
Chicken Alfredo was great
Some kind of Reuben sandwich
Jambalaya Fritters
Mullet Bay t-shirts

After supper – all too soon – it was time for Wendy and Ronn to head back to Amelia Island.  We enjoyed their visit and look forward to seeing them again back in Ohio.  We are so blessed with the friends who have come to visit.  It can get lonely on the road, but having friends and family visit lets us know we are gone but not forgotten!