Mossy Cave Trail at Bryce Canyon National Park

After a good night’s rest at Rubys Inn, I was ready to resume exploring the area.  Tom and I stopped for one more hike in the park – Mossy Cave Trail – before leaving Bryce Canyon.

Even though Mossy Cave Trail is one of the easiest in the park, Tom and I had never done it before.  You have to park in a small lot just off UT 12 and the lot is usually full.  But this morning we rose bright and early, determined to get to the parking lot before it filled up.  And we succeeded!  There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot.

We parked and headed up the trail, soon absorbed in the novelty of walking beside a stream with water in it.  In fact, as we turned a corner on the trail, we saw a waterfall!  This was so unexpected that we turned off the Mossy Cave Trail to check it out.  A nearby wayside told us that the water in the creek bed was a result of an irrigation canal dug by the early Latter Day Saints pioneers.  We were disappointed to learn that “water canyon” was manmade.  But, again, we were impressed by how hard those early pioneers worked.  Today the irrigation ditch provides water to the towns of Tropic and Cannonville.  Even if the waterfall was artificial, it was still beautiful.

Rock formations
Water Canyon
Mossy Cave

After climbing up about 200 feet, we soon came to Mossy Cave.  It was more of an alcove than a cave but there was moss.  We didn’t see any water but I’m sure there is water dripping from the ceiling of the alcove when it rains or snows.

Mossy Cave Trail is a pretty hike in a part of the park that not many people visit.  The hike, at a little over a mile, was a good start to the morning.  We got to stretch our legs, see a waterfall, and enjoy some more gorgeous views.