Mud Hen Marsh and Oxbow Nature Preserves

Mud Hen Marsh and Oxbow boat access are two more of the nature preserves surrounding Hoover Reservoir in the Westerville area.  Both of them are very close to where we live.  We can stop by and hike their loops as we drive back and forth to Westerville or Columbus.

Mud Hen Marsh is a marsh surrounding two ponds.  The one-mile trail is built up so that it isn’t as wet as it might be otherwise.  There is a housing development along one side of the preserve, but we were impressed by this pretty little area next to one of the Hoover Reservoir water sources.  There is a bird blind so people can watch the birds around the ponds.  We were the only people tromping around the day we were there, although people kept pulling in and out of the parking lot.

Beaver activity at Oxbow
Looking down the reservoir
The peninsula
Small dam at Mud Hen Marsh

The Oxbow Boat Access is a causeway to the Oxbow island in the reservoir.  There is a big parking lot, suggesting that there would be a lot of boat activity on a warm day.  The only car in the parking lot on  the day we went, however, was a ranger car with a lake view.  Tom and I walked by the docks that had been pulled out of the water for the winter.  Then we took the Oxbow trail around the peninsula.  It was a pretty trail with a lot of beaver activity.  We could see the reservoir surrounding us and the homes along the shore.  We saw geese, ducks, and a hawk.  Hoover Reservoir Nature Preserves are very popular with birders.

We enjoyed out time exploring these two small preserves.  Much Hen Marsh and Oxbow boat access have their own personalities and their own beauty.  It is good to get outside and see what is available around us.