Nature Gifts in Pier Village, St. Simons Island

Every year Tom and I go into Nature Gifts to look at the cool things.  This year, for the first time, we bought something.

I love this store because it has unique jewelry and decor items.  The jewelry is very sparkly, which always makes me think of Jackie.  The wall decor is bright and cheerful and makes me yearn to take some of the St. Simons sunshine home with me.

When Tom and I redid the master bathroom, I left a spot on the wall for some wall decor from Nature Gifts.  Bathrooms require special consideration in their decorations.  I think bathroom decor should be water themed and impervious to humidity.  The metal sculptures displayed at Nature Gifts seemed perfect.  But I wanted the piece to be just right and really speak to me.

So every year I go in and look around, waiting to find just the right piece of art for the bathroom.  The first year I found a sculpture of brightly colored beach shacks that I really liked, but it was too expensive.  The second year the store’s inventory was Covid-depleted.  Last year Tom and I were saving for our trip to Europe and decided not to purchase anything unnecessary.  But this year, when we went in the store, the stores aligned and I bought my artwork.

I am always attracted to really bright colored things for the walls.  But the suns, giant fish, and sand dollars just felt like too much.  The bathroom is light gray and grayish blue, very calm and restful.  I wanted the art to reflect that same feeling.  I really liked the sailboats in this picture, but Tom wasn’t a fan of the price.

Then he pointed out this sculpture, and we both knew it was perfect for the bathroom.  It wasn’t too expensive and it reflects the calm blues and grays of the bathroom.  We purchased it, and a bright green lizard, and the owner of Nature Gifts wrapped them carefully so they will get back to Ohio without any damage.

I am very excited about my new piece of art after the long search for the perfect piece.  Whenever I see it, it will remind me of our island home away from home.