PIT BBQ Grille and Catering in Columbus, Ohio

Tom and I are always open to trying new places to eat, so when Jackie and John suggested PIT BBQ Grille we agreed.  We have been going over to their house and working on Saturdays, so they pay us back by buying us lunch.  Jackie says it is cheaper than hiring landscapers.  Of course, we would be glad to pay for our own lunch but we don’t argue – that would be rude.

On a recent Saturday we got food from PIT BBQ Grille and Catering.  PIT BBQ was founded by four Ohio State students who shared a love of great BBQ.  The business is black-owned, which we like to support as much as possible.  The four founders, Bryant Browning, Chimdi Chekwa, D’Andre Martin, and Mike Johnson, believe that they can best serve the community by serving great food.  Their website says they are active in their community and in their churches.

The menu is pretty typical BBQ with some interesting twists.  Each of the sides uses a particular homemade recipe.  For instance, you can get Mildred’s Mac & Cheese, Cece’s Greens, Carmen’s Candied Yams, and Big Baby’s Baked Beans.  The PIT slaw is made with kale instead of cabbage, which is a little different from most BBQ places.

Three Meat Sampler
Brisket sandwich
PIT Fries

Tom got a pulled pork sandwich, John and Jackie got the three-meat sampler, and I got a brisket sandwich.  We also got some mac and cheese, PIT slaw, and PIT fries to share.  The PIT fries are french fries smothered with pulled pork and cheese.  They were delicious and would make a good meal by themselves.  The meats were very good, although the house-made sauce was a little heavy on garlic.  That made it delicious, but garlic and I have a complicated relationship.  I love the taste but it keeps coming back up on me for the next 24 hours.