Postcards from the Edge of Fort Frederica

Tom and I had a new experience this year at Fort Frederica National Monument:  we are now featured on some postcards.  Tom, of course, being the diva that he has become while in British uniform, is on three of the new postcards while I am just on one.  And my face doesn’t show in any of the pictures.  I think it is the non-historical glasses.  But Tom looks great as a British soldier and he loves to pose for pictures.

Postcards for sale in VC

Suzette and Blair Brumbaugh, the volunteers I highlighted in February, are great photographers.  They took the pictures and worked up the postcards.  There are five new ones being sold in the Visitors Center.  The best one (I think) is the picture of Tom and Steve Jennings as soldiers down by the powder magazine.  They look great posing with their muskets, looking like they are guarding something.  There is also a postcard montage with British soldiers that includes Ranger Michael.

You can see me on the Colonial Living postcards cooking, spinning, and weaving.  Tom is blacksmithing and coopering on these cards.  We look like we are working hard, which is true of any kind of colonial living.

In addition to selling the postcards, we also give out the soldiers at the powder magazine postcard as a prize with the scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt has eight clues that guide kids through the park.  The last clue gives them a secret words that they say when they come back to the Visitors Center.  For finding all eight clues, they get a postcard and a sticker.  Tom calls it a major award, probably because he is on the postcard.  But kids are excited about anything they get for free.

Suzette and Blair took lots of pictures while they were here at the park.  Before they left, Suzette gave me a thumb drive with lots of the pictures on them.  I’ll close this post with a slide show of some of the great pictures they took.