Powell Farmers Market and Farmer John

John and Jackie now have a booth at the Powell Farmers Market.  Not the one on Saturday which is in downtown Powell, but the one on Sunday just off Sawmill Road.  The Sunday market runs from 10 until 1, so Tom and I drove over there after church the first Sunday they were having it.

Compared to some farmers markets, the Powell Farmers Market on Sundays is small.  There were just 14 vendors, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.  Some farmers markets have lots of stuff but little food.  More like a flea market.  But 12 out of 14 of the Powell Farmers Market vendors had food items for sale.  I like that because I love food and I don’t really like flea markets.

John and Jackie were at one end of the Powell Farmers Market with their Fartley Farms Hot Sauces.  I was really impressed with how good their display was and how well organized they were.  Jackie made John practice at home so they could be sure they had everything they needed.  They had some biodegradable taster spoons which let people sample the hot sauces on the spot.  I thought the little EcoTaster spoons were the cleverest thing and perfect for their booth.  They even had a little waste can so people could throw them away after the tasting.  Tom tried the hottest sauce and then one that wasn’t so hot, but I skipped the tasting.  I’m sure the Fartley Farms sauces are delicious but one taste and I would have hot flashes all day.

John and Jackie at Fartley Farms booth

After talking to John and Jackie a little, we wandered around to the other booths.  I bought something at every booth that had food – except for the meat booth.  I don’t know, buying meat out of the back of a truck just seems a little weird.  They did have some maple bacon that sounded tempting.

Darnella with her goodies

We bought some brownies at the Gathering Cafe and Bakery and talked to owner Darnella for a few minutes.  I got a selection of six different bars from Sitara’s Sweets.  All of their offerings are sugar-free and gluten-free.  I can understand that if you are on a special diet, but I still like the texture and flavor that sugar and flour give to a sweet.  I did like the peanut butter chocolate bar, which had a fudgy texture.

Sitara’s Sweets

The Cinnaswirl booth was almost out of their goodies, so we just got a cinnamon roll but we got it for half price.  We also got a donut and another cinnamon roll at Tupelo Doughnuts.  The young woman who was working there said they were the best donuts ever and they were tasty.  I liked the donut and Tom enjoyed the cinnamon roll with sliced almonds.  The cinnamon roll was so big that he divided it into thirds and had one third each day.


We really enjoyed going to the Powell Farmers Market and talking to the vendors there.  Even better, we had sweets for the next several days that were all very yummy.  If you live in the area, stop by some Sunday.  Sample some hot sauce and then cool down your mouth with a sweet from one of the other booths.