Signs Along the Way

Everywhere we go we see signs.  Some signs are really helpful, giving good instructions or directions.  Some signs are confusing – were we supposed to turn at that right or the next one?  Some signs help us stay safe while some seem to tempt us to danger.  So today, instead of writing lots of words of my own, I’m going to share with you some of the more memorable signs we have seen.

Tom really enjoys “stick figure warning man” who is always getting killed in interesting ways.

At the beach in Oregon
In the Laundromat
On a gate in Louisianna
Poor stick figure warning man. So many ways to die
Another door warning
Don’t get zapped!
Stuck behind this for two hours. Watch out for those driveshafts.

I am partial to messages on t-shirts.

There are all kinds of interesting signs posted by government on various levels.  Here are some that left us scratching our heads.

Where is the women’s restroom?
So if there is a dead body . . .
Like stick figure warning man – seen at the Black Canyon of the Cunnison
On Lake Erie – is this the same as “No Swimming”?
Usually called speed bumps
But not always
Beware of the mosquitoes
Plastics and Johnny Appleseed – what a city!
Meaning lots of people?
This sign is waving at us
Not sure about the portal opening
Of course, there wasn’t any water in the ditch
As opposed to pet alligators
Bear crossing

We love the interesting and creative signs that businesses put up.  We would say these businesses are succeeding because the signs are so memorable.

Troutdale Oregon
Tonapah Nevada
Book title that caught my eye
Definitely want kisses!
Beatty Nevada
Somewhere in Oklahoma
Saw this in Idaho
Bambi and truckers. Huh.
In Columbus Ohio
Cannibal pig
Tuscaloosa Alabama
At night this sign winked at us
Well, if you want some grub
I never knit and drive!

iphone 023And, finally, one really scary sign – and this was only filling our tank 5/8 full!

  • Kristine Moye

    Too funny!! Is the Don’t Knit and Drive sign in your RV? And I have to ask…. What on earth is a Testicle Festival?

    • revkaren54

      A Testicle Festival is a festival where one of the main food items is bull testicles, usually breaded and fried. The one on the sign is held in Montana, and is the largest in the US but there is also one in Tiro Ohio in May.

      • Kristin Burkey

        A festival to stay away from!

        • revkaren54

          Oh, come on! Where is your sense of adventure?

          • Kristin Burkey

            I can only imagine that bull testicles taste like chicken livers….disgusting!

  • Kristin Burkey

    Awesome! How about bumper stickers?

    • revkaren54

      We haven’t seen a lot of fun bumper stickers. Are bumper stickers out of date now?

      • Kristin Burkey

        No way! There are only two ends to the bumper sticker spectrum. Cars either have 1 or 100. Keep your eyes open.

  • JuliaSueStampingLive .

    So funny! I love the sign that is waving at you.

    • revkaren54

      Tom especially enjoys the strange designs you see on intersection signs sometimes.

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