Silohs Restaurant in Marcy, Ohio

Last Wednesday Mom and Dad took us to lunch at Silohs Restaurant in Marcy, Ohio.  They had been wanting to visit the Slate Run Farm because they have lots of memories of doing the same kinds of thing on the farm we were doing.  Mom and Dad both grew up on farms in Ohio.  Even though they were born in the 1930’s, things on the farm had not changed much since 1900.  The main difference was that the machines were pulled by tractors instead of horses.  We enjoyed touring them around the farm and introducing them to the people we work with.

We were ready for lunch when we were done at the farm.  Silohs is less than a mile south from Slate Run and it has a farm-themed name, so it seemed like a good choice.  Marcy used to be a small, crossroads town.  Now there is a church, a couple of houses, and Silohs Restaurant.

Silohs Restaurant is located in the building that used to be the Marcy General Store.  It is an old building, but it has been renovated so many times it is hard to tell what is original.  The wood floor seemed original, but it is hard to tell.  There are several fun murals on the outside of the building.  There is also a nice porch area for eating.  We thought about eating outside, but it was 94 so we decided to eat in the air-conditioning.

I’m not sure it was much cooler inside, but there were some fans stirring the air.  We started at the order counter where a young woman cheerfully told us the specials.  I asked her what she recommended, and she said she really liked the Sloppy Mac Bowl.  It is a bowl filled half with macaroni and cheese and half with pulled pork.  Mom, Dad, and I all ordered that.  Tom ordered a cheeseburger.  The menu also has a Slop Bowl and a Slop Bucket.  The Slop Bowl is tater tots, cheddar cheese, and pulled pork.  The Slop Bucket is the same plus coleslaw.  I may have to try the Slop Bowl if we eat there again.

The food was good.  Mom and I had skipped the BBQ sauce, but the pulled pork was too dry to eat without it.  I went back up to the order counter and got some sauce on the side.  The Silohs Sauce was very good – sweet with just a hint of spicy.  Tom’s burger was also good although he only ordered one patty and it came with two.

The best part of the meal was the frosted brownie we had for dessert.  There was a case full of really yummy looking baked goods.  The brownie was huge.  We ordered one and split it four ways.  There was plenty for all of us.  It was fudgy and creamy.  Just what I want from a frosted brownie.

Order counter
Ice Cream
Screamy Reaper
Outside mural

Silohs also serves pizza and wings.  Their burgers have fun, cow-themed names like Oinkymoo and Mushmoo.  John said he has eaten there several times and usually gets the Screamy Reaper because it is spicy.  The restaurant serves Velvet ice cream if you need to cool off after your meal.

We enjoyed eating at Silohs and it is good to know the restaurant is so close to the farm.  If we are hungry after a hard day on the farm, we know where to stop for some food.