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Parowan Gap Petroglyphs Utah

The Parowan Gap Petroglyphs are just a short drive from Cedar City, Utah so Tom and I stopped by there after spending the night in Cedar City.  The Gap is a natural formation originally created by a creek that dried.  Once the creek dried, wind continued to carve an opening in the red hills.  Today …

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Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Tom and I have been heading to St. George Utah on a regular basis, every two to three weeks.  St. George has 100,000 people and has all the big box stores and chain restaurants you could desire.  The grocery stores are bigger and there is a Lowes and JoAnns.  It takes about  75 minutes to …

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Dry Heat in the Arizona Strip

Whenever we tell people how hot it is in Arizona, they respond, “Yeah, but it’s a dry heat.”  In replying this way, they are usually thinking of the heat index and how humidity makes it feel hotter. I’m from Ohio and I know that it can get pretty hot in the summer.  On those hot …

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