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Busy Bees Invade Ohio

When Tom and I are back in Ohio, we are always busy bees, buzzing around trying to get everything done.  This last visit we were only in Ohio for three weeks and it seemed like we buzzed around even faster than usual. Because of Tom’s broken finger, we visited a hand specialist in Columbus who …

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Cinco de Mayo Family Celebration

When we are in Ohio it is always a challenge to get the extended family together.  Right now I have one nephew in Spain and another one in the last few weeks of his Junior year of college.  In my brother’s family, the two older kids work most Saturdays.  John and Jackie are always overbooked.  …

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Sweet Variety of M&Ms Candies

When I was a kid, M&Ms came in two kinds:  plain and peanut.  The biggest controversy about M&Ms was the removal of the red M&Ms in 1976 because of the red dye #2 scare.  In 1995 the brown M&Ms were replaced by blue M&Ms.  That pretty much summed up the changes in M&Ms until 2004 …

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