1000 Books Read in the Last Decade

I have read over 1000 books in the last decade.  I’m not saying this to brag.  I enjoy reading and I read a lot, although not as much as some people.  In fact, I thought I would have more time to read when I retired.  1000 books is an average of two books a week.  There are times I read a book a day and times that it takes me two or three weeks to get through a book.

I am mentioning this because it is time for me to start a new list.  On January 1, 2010, I started writing down the titles and authors of all the books I read as I finished them.  I have certain favorite authors and sometimes I couldn’t remember if I had read a certain one of their books or not.  Nothing worse than getting a book home from the library only to figure out that you’ve already read it.  Well – there are lots of worse things, actually.

I figured my memory wasn’t going to get any better with age, so I would write down the books and then I could check my list.  There have been several times just this year that I read a book I thought was a new book to me, prepared to write it on the list, only to find it already there!  What?  I finished one this morning in my devotionals only to find it was already on my list for this year!  It didn’t make a better impression the second time than it did the first!

Anyway, after keeping this list for 10 years, the list is getting pretty long.  So I decided I’m going to start a new list in the new decade.  I don’t want to debate whether the new decade starts with January 1, 2020 or January 1, 2021.  I started the list on January 1, 2010, so this list is ten years old.  Of course, I will still keep the old list because, obviously, I need to keep checking whether or not I’ve read a book.

What is my favorite book of the last ten years?  My favorite out of all 1000 books?  The Bible.  But second would be whatever great book I’ve read recently.  My current favorite is “Furnishing Eternity” which I am still recommending to everyone I talk to.  Beyond that – I have no idea.  You know, that memory thing.  Which is why I have the list.

What is your current favorite book?  Do you have one you would recommend I read in 2020?