Blooming St Simons Island, So Beautiful in the Spring

The main reason Tom and I keep coming to St Simons Island is the incredible beauty of the place, especially during the winter months.  Because the weather is so warm here, and the live oaks never lose their leaves, it hardly looks like winter at all.  In fact, every since February we have been enjoying blooming St Simons Island and a gorgeous spring.

Two years ago I wrote about the beauty of the azaleas on St Simons Island.  The azaleas continued to wow us with their showy blossoms during March.  Tom and I walk through the Wesley Azalea Garden across the street weekly.  They were at their peak in the middle of March, but they continue to bloom now.  It seems the lighter the color of the blossoms, the later they bloom.  So white and pink flowers have been going strong while the red and magenta blooms are done.

But the azaleas aren’t the only thing on blooming St Simons Island.  The wisteria trees are heavy with beautiful purple flowers.  Although this is an introduced plant (not native) I have found it blooming in some very out-of-the-way places.  The flowers delight me and the bees wherever they are.

Then there are the little wildflowers of blooming St Simons Island.  Most of them are tiny, shooting up along paths through the maritime forest.  But they are all beautiful, even if very small.  I don’t know what they are but I enjoy them wherever I find them.

Several of the trees have also been blooming.  The dogwood blossoms open through the Spanish Moss hanging on the dogwood tree.  The eastern redbud trees are showy prima donnas that appear suddenly beside the live oaks.  Flowering vines cling to the pine and pecan trees in the maritime forest.

I love seeing all the flowers here on blooming St Simons Island.  Each year they seem more beautiful than the last.  I especially enjoy them because I know the ground in Ohio is still frozen and barren.

Secret Garden entrance
Even the grape vines are huge!