Blythe Island Regional Park, Brunswick Georgia

During the government shutdown, Tom and I explored some places close by and some farther away.  One of the close by places that we ended up going to several times was Blythe Island Regional Park.  The park was a wonderful place to hike and only a few miles from the campground where we stayed.  When Mom and Dad came down to visit, we also took them there.

Blythe Island Regional Park looks like a state park.  It has a big campground, lots of hiking, a swimming pond, a boat ramp and fishing pier.  The park makes up most of Blythe Island, just west of Brunswick.   The first time we went, Tom and I were surprised by how big it is.  At 1,100 acres it is bigger than many state parks.  The campground, however, is more expensive than most state parks at $40 per night.  Despite the price, the campground is usually full.

Tom and I like the hiking trails at Blythe Island Regional Park.  They wind around ponds, along marshes, through the woods, and beside the river.  Some of the trails are designated for “mountain” biking (still coastal flat).  The main trails, however, are wide, covered by pine straw, and suitable for walking or riding.  One day we went out and back along the river.  Another day we went around the ponds and through the woods.

The day we took my parents we stayed by the pier, admiring the great views of container ships across the river and the Sidney Lanier bridge.  We watched cars being unloaded from the container ships.  When we walked out on the boat ramp, we talked to the operator who told us some stories, such as the time he dropped a boat.  We also saw a bunch of pelicans sunning themselves on the docks.

Pelicans on the dock
Sidney Lanier Bridge across the marsh
Cindee Pond
Wild rabbits
Lovely trails
Watching the container ships

One unique feature of the park is the wild rabbits.  We noticed cute little furry bunnies hopping all over and eating the grass near the park headquarters.  We asked the person working inside about the rabbits.  She made several jokes (I think) about the number of rabbits on the island.  Someone had them as pets, let them get loose, and now they have multiplied and occupy the island.  You don’t usually see rabbits roaming in herds, unafraid of people.  So cute – unless you are trying to keep them from chewing on your camper wires.

The Blythe Island Regional Park is a wonderful place to visit here in the Brunswick area.  It is a great place to hike for an hour or spend the day.  The motto of the park is “Come a day early and stay a day late.”  Good advice.