Boulevard Cafe on St. Simons Island

While Mom and Dad were visiting, we tried a bunch of new restaurants.  We are always on the lookout for a great new place to eat and St. Simons Island has so many restaurants.  Sometimes we would think we were heading for one restaurant and see another to try on the way.  We passed Boulevard Cafe often and decided to try it for lunch one day.

Boulevard Cafe is a place frequented more by locals than by tourists.  It is generally open for breakfast and lunch and extends its hours during the busy season.  When we went at lunchtime we got the last table available for four, and it was a while before another table opened up.

You order at the counter and pay when you order.  A lot of locals get orders to go.  Boulevard Cafe has a nice variety of sandwiches served on homemade bread.  You get a bag of chips and a drink with the sandwich.  If you go to their Facebook page, don’t click on the menu because the menu listed is not what is offered.  The menu is posted here on the left.  The soups and salads also looked good.  I wanted to order chicken salad but they were out.

Of course, what really caught my eye were the baked goods in the counter display.  Boulevard Cafe offers a variety of cookies, slices of cake, and some pies.  After enjoying our sandwiches, I bought a couple of cookies for us to share.

The owner of the Cafe knew his regulars and what they wanted to eat.  We didn’t realize we needed to pay for our food when we ordered it and went back to the counter to pay, but the owner said we could just pay at the end of our meal.  He said he trusted us not to walk out without paying.  Obviously he attracts clientele that he trusts.

Dining room was full
Baked goods!
Kitchen in the back
Whoa Nellie sandwich
Sourdough bread

The food at Boulevard Cafe was fresh and good and reasonably priced.  Eating there was enjoyable but nothing special.  If you want a filling sandwich with a cookie, the Cafe is a good choice.