Bru Burger near Polaris, Columbus

In contrast to Beer Barrel Pizza and Grill, Bru Burger is a place that I would eat over and over again.  It is another new restaurant, located close to Polaris on the north side of Columbus.

Bru Burger Bar started in 2011 and now has ten locations across three states.  The menu isn’t large, compared to a lot of places.  They focus on burgers made with the freshest ingredients served on a fresh baked bun.  And, although the restaurant is every bit as big as Beer Barrel, there are fewer tables.  They also have several areas, so that the sound doesn’t echo across cavernous spaces.

We entered through the bar area and walked by two separate rooms for seating.  Our hostess led us up the stairs to a small balcony area that felt almost private.  A few tables on one side of a wall, and a dozen tables on another side.

Our semi-private eating area
Bar area view from the balcony
Jackie’s burger
Tom and I split this burger
John’s burger

We all ordered burgers, although Jackie got hers without the bun.  Tom and I split a basic burger with onion rings.  John got the “Melt Your Face” burger, which he said had a sufficient amount of hot.  The burger was excellent, and because Tom and I split it, it was just the right size.

We had an excellent waiter who gave us just the right amount of attention.  He refilled drinks and brought our food in a timely manner but wasn’t intrusive.  He suggested dessert, and they had an interesting selection, but we passed this time.  Check out the Peach White-Chocolate Bread Pudding, Kris Moye!

Bru Burger is close to where Tom and I stay when we are in Columbus.  I enjoyed my meal there so much that I would gladly go there again.  It is one restaurant where the food is better if you eat it there.  We could enjoy talking to one another and didn’t have to strain to hear the conversation.